Inspiring Asatizah

by Nurhafizah Binte Mohd Ali

We learned so much more, not only from textbooks but from our own teachers too. The way they speak, the way they dress and the way they advise us. Through IPIP, I met many inspiring asatizah who never fail to sacrifice their precious time to share with us their knowledge. Many beneficial stories that were shared have helped me in so many ways.

One day, I felt really overwhelmed with so much work on hand, with zero energy, I pushed myself to class that Sunday morning. The first thing that ustazah shared during the class was about the blessings in the work that we do. We might have done so many things, but we don’t know which one actually has blessings in it. She also added that we might be given a lot of work because Allah s.w.t wants us to work for it in order to achieve His blessings. Allah s.w.t knows. That made me reflect. The reminder was definitely from Him. Alhamdulillah, it boosted up my energy level to its maximum.

Through them, we understand the religion better. Through them, we become a better person. Sometimes, we could easily remember them through their wise words and actions.

They still tried their best to teach us with so much passion and sincerity, despite their health conditions. Their burning desire to do it for the sake of Allah s.w.t is something that I truly admire. As a student, we don’t actually see their struggles, but we see, and we appreciate their effort.

These are the things that make me look forward to class every week because we can easily relate and feel connected. At the end of the day, the takeaways that we got from IPIP are valuable and we truly treasure the experience we have with our beloved teachers, which we cannot get from the textbooks.

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