Master of Arts in Islamic Thought and Civilization

  • Language: English
  • Research-based
  • Trimester | 2 academic years on normal track

Programme Objective

This programme is a research-intensive, part-time masters programme in collaboration with International Islamic University Malaysia. Students may choose to specialize in the following fields: Islamic Civilization, Islamic Sciences, Islamic Political Thought, Islam and Contemporary Society, Islam in the Malay World, Islamic Philosophy, Muslim World Issues and Malay World Studies.

Programme Structure

  • Trimester 1 (Jan – Apr) | Trimester 2 (May – Aug) | Trimester 3 (Sep – Dec)
  • Postgraduate students are required to take the following courses:
    • ISTAC 6001 Research Methodology
    • ISTAC 6039 Issues in Islamization of Knowledge
    • ISTAC 6007 Islam in Malay Culture & History


2 Academic Years (normal)
1 Academic Year (minimum)




Friday 6.30pm-10.30pm &
Saturday 2.30pm-10.00pm


Wisma Indah

Risalah Program DPI

Programme Details

Pursue your Masters in Islamic Thought now!

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