Program Takrif Islam (English)

  • Introduction to Islam
  • Language: English
  • Express (3 months) and Weekly (6 months)
  • Intake: January and July
  • IPIP also offers PTI conducted in Malay language. For further details, please click here.  

Programme Objective

The programme provides the needs of matured students who have not undergone formal education. It provides students with practical guidelines in carrying out recommended daily practices in accordance with guidance in Islam.

To know comprehensively the foundation and principle of Islamic Religion.

To understand and practice exemplary conduct in our daily life.

To know and recite the Al-Quran with applicable Tajwid from the initial level.

To perform the solat with the understanding of its ahkam relating to it as well as in certain circumstances.

This programme offers 2 streams

PTI Weekly


6 Months




Friday 6.30pm–9.30pm /
Sunday 9.00am-12.00pm


Wisma Indah
MDIS Changi

PTI Express


3 Months




Monday & Thursday


Wisma Indah
MDIS Changi

Click here for the latest timetable and venue.

Risalah Program PTI

Programme Details

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This module focuses on the core foundation of Islam covering Aqidah, Akhlak and significant foundation on the question of Fiqh. This module provides students practical guidelines in carrying recommended daily deeds with guidances in Islam.

This module discusses in greater detail several religion Jurisprudence involving acts of Ibadat (worship) covering Chapter on Thoharah (Cleanliness) & Solat. This module explains in comprehensive terms without touching in detail the Jurisprudence pertaining to the Chapter of Thoharah & Solat. This module shows the way of carrying out practical ahkam in our daily lives. On completion of this module, there is an addition of new practical module on the Administration of Jenazah, which covers the ways of administering before, while on it and right after death of a person. The Administration of Jenazah rites includes bathing, shrouding and solat of Jenazah.

This module covers the Lifestyle or the Sunnah of Rasulullah (s.a.w) in brief. It gives guidelines to the importance of understanding the Sirah of Rasulullah and its relationship in a Muslim’s life. This module includes the history of Islam in general.

This module will give greater focus on recitation with greater fluency. Students will recite selected surahs from Juzuk of Amma.


Students are required to fulfill 75% of the attendance for all 4 modules. No examinations will be conducted.

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